Dealing With Chronic Knee Pain Without Having To Deal With An Addiction

After moving through 3 big knee surgeries before the age of 33 I have learned two reasons for keeping pain at bay. Something simple arthroscopy could not fix therefore leaving me with a nice 8 10 inch scar in the center of my knee. My knee disturbs me but maybe not as much as my right knee. I chased it in 2001. Completely dislocating the joint and then ripping my anterior cruciate ligament in my femur accommodation it on a flat course between the bones that make up the knee joint. I have had two ACL replacements to keep it together easily as. I almost ruined my ribs during the accident and that’s where I get the majority of my pain. I have tried most the latest pain-fighting drugs in the marketplace these days and it’s really very easy to become hooked on something that is really not likely to do a lot more than just what a few natural home remedies could do. Only without being hooked to a thing that’s been compared to heroin. I use a lot of Ice directly on the knee.

You can get non surgical knee pain columbia missouri dixie cups full of water and then freeze them. Whenever it strikes, have a frozen Dixie-cup and rip off the bottom of it exposing the icecream. Gently rub your knee with a towel under it to catch the water dripping off. 800 to 1000 milligrams at a time. In addition, I take 1500 milligrams of glucosamine chondrontin daily to purge and assist along any cartilage that is there. Elevating the knee will help also. This last remedy is somewhat arguable I am sure. Studies have shown that ground chicken ribs, that has long been used in ancient chinese medicine, may possibly have some minerals and vitamins that aid with rebuilding cartilage in the knee joints and others. The exact thing that glucosamine chondrontin does.

There are some studies that reveal an immediate relation to the bodies ordinary reaction to pain that’s always to escape out of it and, the bodies ordinary action of urge. Steak isn’t just excellent table fare but may also hold some healing properties also. It will make you wonder about that late night snack craving or maybe excited about the sunday after church grilled chicken dinner. Might it be that the human body naturally craving something escape pain. Regardless, these do work and I hope these help you.

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